Burning solids such as paper,wood,fibers & Plastics etc.


Burning Liquid such as oil,petrol, thinner,kerosene etc.


Burning Gases such as butane, choride, natural propane,vinyl chloride,natural gases & live electrical fire


Fire Extinguishers - Gandhinagar

Providing against any fire mishap is not just a matter of safety, it is also legally imperative in many cases. Whether you are in-charge of an office or worried about your family’s safety, it is worthwhile to invest in a fire extinguisher.

As the leading fire extinguisher suppliers in Gandhinagar, Veer Fire offers a wide range of fire extinguishers. We supply all types and sizes in extinguishers to suit every need. We also supply complete fire security system.

Why you should invest in fire security system

In case of businesses or any large enclosed space it is legally imperative to provide for adequate fire security measures. Even at home we should keep some basic fire safety equipment like an extinguisher. The need for stocking fire safety equipment is necessary because it can save life, property and valuable assets. In other words, fire safety equipment is important because:

  • It is legally imperative
  • It can safe lives
  • It can protect movable and immovable assets

Our Fire Extinguisher Range:

We have a wide range in fire extinguisher in Gandhinagar, with every size and type available.

Size: As experts in fire extinguishers in Gandhinagar, we understand that we cannot have a single size to meet every requirement. So, we have the smaller 4 ltr portable cylinder for your home or office. For larger spaces, we carry big cylinders. We also offer trolley-mounted cylinders for easy deployment.

Type: All fires may look the same, but to a fireman they are all different. Fires are classified according to the material that is burnt. Accordingly, it is divided in four classes:

  • Class A: Combustible materials like wood, paper and fabric
  • Class B: Flammable liquids
  • Class C: Flammable gases
  • Class D: Combustible metals

The combustion material decides the mode of fire suppression. For instance, water and foam used to douse Class A fire will not work on Class B or C.

Our fire extinguisher range includes:

  • For Class A fire: Foam fire extinguishers
  • For Class B & C fires: dry fire extinguishers
  • For Class D fire: Powder fire extinguishers

What we promise:

  • Compliance with ISO standards
  • All cylinders carry ISI marks
  • Rigorous quality check
  • Timely delivery and professional service
  • Expertise and experience
  • Full maintenance and service providers
  • Availability of other fire safety equipment like alarms, helmets and gloves.

When it comes to fire safety, we urge you to not delay. Contact us at 9825179889.

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