Firefighter Duty Boots


Burning solids such as paper,wood,fibers & Plastics etc.


Burning Liquid such as oil,petrol, thinner,kerosene etc.


Burning Gases such as butane, choride, natural propane,vinyl chloride,natural gases & live electrical fire


Firefighter Duty Boots

Duty Boots

Veer Fire is one of the most renowned fire boots manufacturers in Gujarat. We enjoy being counted among the trusted fire shoes manufacturers; however, our offerings are not limited to firefighter duty boots. We offer a wide variety of firefighting equipment including accessories for firefighters. With specialized team and manufacturing units dedicated to each type of accessory, we have achieved high level of expertise in each accessory.

Fire Boots

Our range of fire boots India have a list of loyalists who vouch for the quality of our products. Our fire boots are the ultimate protection that a firefighter can get for his feet. Veer Fire understands that a firefighter is required to work under tough conditions and is vulnerable to injuries. This vulnerability prompts for protective gear including firefighter duty boots.

Our boots are available in different sizes and custom sizes can be made available as per client requirement. We also offer a variety of color choices where the primary choices are silver and black.The designs also vary, we offer variants of boots and shoes as well.

Shoes Manufacturers

Fireboots manufacturers offer a variety of features that empower firefighters to step up and fight in all conditions. Veer Fire’s range of firefighter duty boots are ideal for firefighters because of the amazing qualities.

  • Interior is lined and crafted with Kevlar and Nomex which possess resistance to heat and is ideal for firefighters because of the conditions that they are exposed to.
  • Exterior is crafted from aluminized fiberglass which prevents fire from destroying the boots and saves the firefighters feet.
  • The sole is manufactured from neoprene, rubber, and leather and is especially designed with thick base to provide protection to the base.
  • Available in variations in closure with lace, zip, or button closure choices. These choices allow firefighters to be comfortable.

We Offer An Extensive Range Of Fire Fighting Equipments Like-

As one of the most reliable fire shoes manufacturers, we endeavor to offer quality shoes that serve the purpose that they are designed for. We use quality raw material for manufacturing firefighting shoes in order to achieve the desired quality which cannot be compromised on. We have a dedicated quality check team that is focused on testing each and every pair for manufacturing defects both automatically and manually.

Other than focusing on the quality of the fire boots India, we also focus on the comfort of the firefighters who are required to wear those shoes and perform heroic acts of safety for civilians. The shoes are lined with comfortable fabric that assures the comfort of the heroes.

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