Burning solids such as paper,wood,fibers & Plastics etc.


Burning Liquid such as oil,petrol, thinner,kerosene etc.


Burning Gases such as butane, choride, natural propane,vinyl chloride,natural gases & live electrical fire


Fire Extinguishers - Surat

Fire is a necessity, but it can also be devastating. We are all aware of the scale of destruction it can cause, taking lives and damaging property. This is why we need a minimum security system, such as the fire extinguisher.

Veer Fire is the leading fire extinguisher supplier in Surat. We also stock an extensive range of fire security equipments and gear such as, helmets, boots, gloves, fire hydrants, smoke detectors and alarms. Our goal is to ensure your security and we are a committed to ensure a safe and secure environment.

Why Veer Fire

Veer Fire has been among the leading suppliers of fire extinguishers Surat. We offer quick and efficient service. Our personnel has the expertise and experience in dealing with different extinguishers and installations. We also offer maintenance services to ensure that all equipment keeps working at its top condition. We promise:

  • Quick and professional service
  • ISO and ISI certification
  • Painstaking attention to quality of extinguishers
  • Wide range in fire extinguishers
  • Full maintenance services

Wide range: We carry a complete range in fire extinguishers. We offer different types of cylinders according to the class of fire. You can choose from:

  • Dry fire extinguishers
  • Powder fire extinguishers
  • Foam fire extinguishers

We also keep different sizes to meet different demands. Our sizes start from 4 ltr to much larger sizes. You can also opt for portable or trolley-mounted cylinders. The smaller sizes are ideal for homes or offices, while the bigger sizes are more suited to larger spaces like auditoriums or factories.

Be Safe!

At Veer Fire we take fire security very seriously. That is why we also offer a complete arsenal of fire safety equipment. Here are our tips in fighting fire:

  • Activate the alarm system and notify the fire department immediately.
  • Evacuate the building.
  • Fight the yourself fire only if:
  • It is contained and small
  • You have a ready means to escape
  • There is no toxic smoke

Apart from these basic steps, we also recommend that you keep at least a fire extinguisher at your place of work or home. Also, ensure that the extinguisher is serviced regularly so that it is ready to use whenever required.

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