Fire Fighting Safety Equipment Systems


Burning solids such as paper,wood,fibers & Plastics etc.


Burning Liquid such as oil,petrol, thinner,kerosene etc.


Burning Gases such as butane, choride, natural propane,vinyl chloride,natural gases & live electrical fire


Firefighting Systems

Firefighting Systems

Stay safe from fire accidents with Veer Fire’s range of firefighting systems designed to extinguish all fires caused by variety of reasons. We are a leading fire fighting equipment suppliers offering best-in-class equipment that range from fire alert systems to fire extinguishers and a lot more. Our equipment are fit for extinguishing fire of types A, B, and C.

Selecting the right type of equipment that help in alerting in case of fire and also extinguishes fire can be a difficult decision. At Veer Fire, we offer a range of specialized accessories that make it easy for you to choose the right equipment and keep yourself safe. Explore our range of fire fighting systems and products to choose nothing but the best for your safety.

Fire Safety Equipment

Detection and Alarm Systems Fire Extinguishing Systems Fire Fighting Accessories
Smoke detector Foam fire extinguishers Fire alarm control panel
Fire detection systems CO2 fire extinguishers Hose boxes
Security fire alarm Fire sprinkler system Fire hose reels
Fire detector Fire detector Fire buckets
Heat detector Portable fire extinguishers Fire blankets
Wireless alarm Fire hydrants Fireman axe

Our firefighting systems are a combination of elaborate equipment that you would require to keep your premises safe from fire accidents. Whether you want a particular equipment or a range of these, Veer Fire is the place to be. You also get the liberty to customize a few aspects which will not alter with the functioning and differ from the regulations.

Fight Fighting Equipment Suppliers

Veer Fire has successfully delivered quality to clients and has worked hard to be counted in the top fire fighting equipment suppliers. All our products are certified by regulatory authorities and have the ISI mark which signifies quality of the product. We are an ISO-certified fire safety equipment manufacturing company with expertise that can only be acquired by experience.

We are a trusted fire fighting safety equipment partner because of the additional services that we render. Our inspection and maintenance services are designed for clients who would like hassle-free fire fighting services. Our range of firefighting systems come with a warranty that assures you of perfection. Veer Fire has years of experience in manufacturing fire fighting equipment and the range of products that is an evidence of our commitment.

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