Burning solids such as paper,wood,fibers & Plastics etc.


Burning Liquid such as oil,petrol, thinner,kerosene etc.


Burning Gases such as butane, choride, natural propane,vinyl chloride,natural gases & live electrical fire


Fire Extinguishers - Vadodara

Worrying about fire hazards, but unsure about what to do?

We have the solution for you! Veer Fire is the leading supplier of fire protection systems in Baroda with an expertise in fire extinguishers. We are the acknowledged industry experts with a complete range of fire protection equipment and tools. So, if you are looking for fire extinguishers in Vadodara, this is the place for you!

At Veer Fire we promise you:

  • Fire extinguishers to match every class of fire
  • Wide range in sizes
  • A choice between portable or trolley-mounted cylinders
  • Rigorous testing
  • ISI mark and ISO compliance
  • Expertise in fire security systems
  • Experience in equipping a wide range of clients

Wide Range

When it comes to fire extinguishers, there is no ideal size or type. It all depends on the fire and the location. A portable extinguisher is sufficient for any outbreak at your home or office, but a chemical factory may need a larger cylinder. That is why we offer cylinders in a range of sizes, starting from 4 ltr to much larger sizes. For larger extinguishers, we offer trolley-mounted cylinders for easy movement.

As the leading fire extinguisher supplier in Vadodara, we keep three types of cylinder according to the class of fire:

  • Dry fire extinguishers: For Class A, B, and C fires.
  • Powder fire extinguishers: For Class D fires.
  • Foam fire extinguishers: For Class A fires only

Each of these are also available in different variants according to component. These extinguishers are designed and developed according to the latest innovations. Each extinguisher carries detailed instructions and is extremely easy to use.

Quality Assurance

At Veer Fire we believe that your safety is our business. We believe in no errors because the smallest mistake can take someone’s life. Hence, our quality checks are exhaustive and foolproof. We also carry ISI mark and the requisite ISO certification.

Complete Service

As leaders in fire protections systems and fire extinguishers in Baroda, we also offer complete maintenance services, including refilling and recharging of cylinders. Our experienced staff will come and check your status, carrying out any necessary maintenance work if required. We also offer a complete fire security system with fire helmets, boots, gloves, fire detectors and alarms. In short, we are a one stop shop for all your fire safety requirements.

So, call us at 9825179889 . We are waiting to hear from you!

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